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The products that we are approached to display come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes in packets, cartons, even loose.

Let’s focus on packets. Packets are popular for smaller and lighter items, such as sweets and snacks, and a universal way of hanging these packets is by a euro slot – a standard size hole or slot that fits over a euro hook. Sometimes the euro slot is in an attached hanging tab, although more often the Euro Slot will be in the packet itself.

So, you’ve got your product and decided the best packaging will be a euro slot packet – you’ve spent time on getting it right and worked on an eye-catching design to attract attention to your brand. Now you want a display that will show it all off. Consider what retail space you have available and the most effective way your product can reach your customers whilst taking a look at our top 3 Euro Hook Displays:

So, you’ve taken the first step and you’re working with us to come up with a design for your Bespoke Metal Display Stands. You’ve got great images and artwork that are really going to attract brand attention. How do you make use of the available space to advertise your brand and product?
The design process totally revolves around what works for you and, although there are many ways to brand a display stand, what works for one may not work for another. Here are our top three: 
Here at WSH Wireworks, we love looking at ways to help you show off your products to your customers. Metal display stands are a brilliant advertising tool and, done right, they have a positive effect on your brand presence and product sales. And we want to get it right first time.
We work with our customers to take many things into consideration to begin the design stage of a bespoke display stand – here are our top three to get started: